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IIBA Facilitation Workshop

Oct 2017

Take control of your own destiny by sharpening your existing skills and by learning new approaches and techniques that you can use to super-power your business analysis.

As Business Analysts we often have to play the role of Facilitator. Facilitation is a powerful skill and can be easily enhanced with simple and effective Graphical tips to engage your audience and make your facilitation more interesting.

Throughout this workshop there will be Graphic takeaways – simple and effective tips to make your meetings and workshops more interesting:

  • Understand the role and skills of the Facilitator
  • Know what makes a good Facilitator
  • Understand when and how the Business Analyst can use Facilitation techniques
  • Learn the importance of understanding Roles and Responsibilities
  • Learn the differences between meetings and workshops
  • Learn to apply the 5 x steps in successfully Facilitating Meetings
  • Practice different tools and techniques to get the most out of your workshop participants

Receive 7 tips on ‘Gracefully dealing with the Problem Participant‘ over the next 7 weeks.

Graphic Recording

Take a look at the time lapse of the Graphic Recording Jodi created to summarise the workshop.

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