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DESIGN THINKING…. 2-Days. Dec 4-5. Washington, DC.

Design Thinking to the Rescue – Tackling Complex Business Problems…Once and for All! Have you ever experienced any of these “wicked” problems? Why is it that few, if anyone, is using what was designed and delivered – even though the project was deemed a success? Why are my customers now saying their most important needs weren’t met […]

Demonstrating Courageous Leadership – 2 Days, only $999 – Denver, CO

Course Description: This is an advanced leadership course designed to prepare project managers for successful interactions with senior management and to effectively manage politically charged projects. The workshop describes communication styles, personal risk assessment approaches and helps attendees prepare for the challenging discussions that need to be held to successfully deliver complex initiatives involving multiple senior […]

Project Management Toolkit Workshop – 2 Days, only $999 – Denver, CO

Course Description: Project Management is a very complex profession, but can be simplified when broken down into logical and practical components. Mindavation applies fundamental project management techniques and demonstrates how they can be used to manage any project successfully. Get your projects off to a great start by providing pivotal training to your project management professionals. […]

The Coaching Process

Coaching is designed to help increase capabilities and expand foresight to program and project managers, business analysts and organisational leaders. Coaching guides the individual to apply methodologies, techniques, processes and tools in the most effective manner for their specific work initiative. Coaching services can include support for the following types of activities: how to most […]

BA Bootcamp Roadshow

We are taking BA Bootcamp on the road. 2 dates have been locked in: Sydney – 29 & 30 November Canberra – 27 & 28 November     

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