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Adaptive Leadership

DESCRIPTION   It has long been discussed that technology has made our world “smaller” and we are more interconnected than ever. Whether it is a crisis or a celebration, our public (whether they are our employees, teams, supervisors, etc.) often expects “immediate” action and decisiveness. As such, leadership is evolving and different skills and abilities […]

Project Professional Series: Influencing Without Authority

In this course… You will discover what facilitation means ‘to make easier’. In other words, the facilitator’s real job is to make it easier for a group to accomplish its goals and objectives. Skilled facilitation helps facilitators and teams to recognize and effectively deal with problems, generate ideas, create project deliverables, improve processes or simply, […]

Project Professional Series: Project Management Overview

This course will provide the manager with the capability to effectively manage their project management resources and facilitate the integration of project management processes into their department/function. This course will also enhance the manager’s capability to handle project sponsorship issues and provide tools for reviewing project effectiveness. KEY LEARNING OBJECTIVES review a typical project lifecycle […]

Future Proofing Project Management – Lunch Discussion

Who Helps You Solve Your Complex Business Problems?? Your leadership team? Your strategic human resources, your project professionals?   Have you ever considered your project professionals are key to helping you solve complex business problems?  If you have you’re in the minority.  Most organizations undervalue the capabilities of this group of their workforce.   For too long Project Professionals […]

IIBA Keynote

Professional Development Day Melbourne closing Keynote.  

The Coaching Process

Coaching is designed to help increase capabilities and expand foresight to program and project managers, business analysts and organisational leaders. Coaching guides the individual to apply methodologies, techniques, processes and tools in the most effective manner for their specific work initiative. Coaching services can include support for the following types of activities: how to most […]

BA Bootcamp Roadshow

We are taking BA Bootcamp on the road. 2 dates have been locked in: Sydney – 29 & 30 November Canberra – 27 & 28 November     

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