Delivery Services

Mindavation offers flexible ways to provide services to its clients. Some clients need a 1-hour keynote – others a multi-year curriculum program.  We provide energetic and informative keynote speeches, ‘just-in-time’ coaching sessions to assist with specific project or analysis issues, and on-site consulting engagements.  We can help you deliver the outcomes you need from your projects.


  • one hour keynotes to half day workshop style presentations
  • variety of project, business analysis and leadership topics
  • interactive – for attendees from ten to several hundred
  • thought provoking and motivational

Coaching Services

Strategic Consulting

  • independent delivery of projects or in conjunction with staff
  • program and project managers and senior business analyst resources
  • international experience in a variety of industry and government environments
  • expert  delivery with a mentoring mindset to improve your capabilities

Competency Assessments

  • free organization level reviews
  • cost effective detailed individual evaluations
  • provides focus for training and mentoring to address your business needs
  • identifies skill gaps directly and succinctly
  • evaluates project, industry and leadership capabilities

For further information call Mindavation on 1-866-888-MIND(6463) or email

The Mindavation Foundation is proud to donate 5% of profits towards development of youth leaders.
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