Competency Assessments

Fully understanding the capabilities, skill gaps, process strengths and weaknesses in your organization’s project delivery capacity is paramount to making prudent and pragmatic improvements. Mindavation’s competency assessment service not only identifies where improvements can be focused within the project management discipline, but it assists with alignment to organizational strategies, improvement initiatives and overall goals.

Competency assessments include:

  • individual Project Manager assessment through self evaluation and group evaluation tools, with follow up interviews
  • project initiation and definition assessments
  • evaluation of project planning capabilities and project plan management during project execution
  • effective project team creation and management
  • accurate and insightful stakeholder relationship management
  • organization wide resource management
  • project sponsorship and governance effectiveness
  • program management capabilities, including cross project relationship management, prioritization and implementation assessments
  • organizational strategy enablement through projects – how well do projects facilitate implementation of organizational strategies
  • assessing the pragmatic and efficient use of people, processes, and technology in the project domain

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