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Project Professional Series: Project Management Overview

May 2018

This course will provide the manager with the capability to effectively manage their project management resources and facilitate the integration of project management processes into their department/function. This course will also enhance the manager’s capability to handle project sponsorship issues and provide tools for reviewing project effectiveness.


  • review a typical project lifecycle
  • review the sponsor’s role and responsibilities
  • discuss the value of planning
  • learn to recognize a good project plan
  • review best practice project management processes
  • understand the benefits of change management
  • discuss typical project risks and how they can be mitigated
  • learn mechanism to oversee project status and resources
  • discuss typical project issues
  • review checklists to position your projects successfully


This course is designed for project sponsors and for managers responsible for project management oversight.


Project Communications Management | Project Stakeholder Management | Project Human Resources Management | Project Scope Management | Project Quality Management | Project Integration Management | Project Risk Management | Project Cost Management | Project Procurement Management

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