Project Templates

More than 30 customizable project templates and tools to make your life easier! Templates cost US$100 (including shipping & handling within United States). Credit card or direct deposit accepted. Call 1-866-888-MIND(6463) or email to order your CD today!

Full project lifecycle templates and tools. Documents are in MS Word, MS Excel, MS Project (and Adobe). Modify each template to suit YOUR business and project needs!

Action/Decision List Agile Cost Management Development Backlog
Agile Multi Tiered Iteration Plan Agile Product Feature List – Backlog
Agile Product Data Sheet Agile Release Milestone Iteration Plan
Agile Retrospective Meeting Agenda Agile Summary Release Plan
Agile Vision Meeting Agenda Business Case Justification Categories
Business Case Communication Plan
Contract Review Checklist Detailed Project Plan Shell (MS Project and Adobe)
Interface Tracking Tool (Excel) Issues Log
IT Transition WBS Shell (MS Project and Adobe) Level-type communication table
Meeting Agenda Project Change Request form
Project Change Request log Project Charter
Project Control Book Project Control template
Project Definition Document Project Lifecycle Checklist
Project Team Framework Recovering Troubled Projects Checklist
Requirements checklist Risk Checklist
Risk Identification Checklist Risk log
Risk Management Plan Risk Response Checklist
Stakeholder Analysis Sample Stakeholder Analysis
Stakeholder Checklist Status Report
Support Readiness Checklist Team Charter checklist
Team Management Q & A Test Case
Test Strategy
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