In My Judgment – The BA & PM Require Different Skills

Are you annoyed that the same person wears both the PM and the BA hat? Learn how Haydn and Bob feel about the BA and PM role in this episode of In My Judgment.

Project Manager vs Business Analyst

Do BAs and PMs use the same skill?


Is your organization old school or are they looking to go beyond the latest PMBOK Guide®? Do your BAs and PMs have the same skills, share your thoughts with and leave a comment in our LinkedIn group.





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In My Judgment – Improv for PMs & BAs

Are you using all the tools you can?



Improv for PMs and BAsWhen was the last time you were in the hallway and your sponsor or stakeholder asked you a question about the project? Were you ready with all the answers? Did you know what you wanted to say? How confident were you that what you shared was correct?

Listen in to this week’s episode of In My Judgement to learn about a tool that all BAs and PMs need to be using. Learn a rule or two that can help you and your project team.

For more helpful hints check out the “PM Super Hero“ post to learn how to keep a project notebook and combine it with improv for greater effectiveness.

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In My Judgement – Pet Projects

Are there projects in your organization that are being held on to longer than needed?


Project Milestone


In this episode of In My Judgement the hosts shares how they have learned project management lessons from children as well as the Romans. They also share why some people in the organizations hold on to projects longer than needed.

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In My Judgement – Subject Matter Expertise

In this issue of In My Judgement, Bob and Haydn debate if you really need subject matter expertise to manage a project effectively.



Project Manager Expert

Image by Anthony Mattox –

Do you think you need to have domain expertise or can you manage any project if you have managed a project before? This is not a new debate and it is not one that is going to end anytime soon. Listen in to find out what the hosts think about this topic. Find out if they have a solution to make you more effective as a project manager, no matter what industry you have worked in.

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In My Judgement Episode – The Enough-ness factor

So what does enough-ness mean when it comes to managing project work? Do you have an enough-ness factor built into your project practices?


Work breakdown structure

Breaking down enough work

Have you struggled with breaking down the work that you do on a project? In this episode of In My Judgment the co-hosts discuss the best way to look at a work breakdown structures and how to identify enough work to track and manage.

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In My Judgement Episode – PM Super Hero

Have you ever asked yourself, “What would it take to be a project management super hero?”

The project superhero

Project Superhero

In this episode of In My Judgment Bob and Haydn share a great little story of a project management super hero. See if you agree with their assessment.

Also, consider this:

  • Are you ready to share what kind of help you need or where the project is at any given moment?
  • Are you taking advantage of opportunities to move the business (or the project) forward?

Tell us what makes a good project manager in your mind by sending an @reply to us on Twitter. Better yet, join us on LinkedIn and share you thoughts with the rest of the community.

In My Judgement – What is Team Building, Really

Have you ever gone too far with your team building?



Team with blueprint

Building a Team

Listen in and find out what Haydn and Bob think of team building for your projects. Tell us if you have ever gone too far with your team building. Or if you know of any managers that just don’t get it. Are they effective leaders or is it inappropriate? Let us… know by sending an @ reply to us on Twitter. Or join our LinkedIn group and share your thoughts with our community.


In My Judgement Episode #3 – Agile Documentation

So how big does an agile document need to be? Do we need more discipline when it comes to agile projects?


Team working on creating agile documents

In this episode of In My Judgement Bob McGannon and Haydn Thomas share their thoughts on the agile document. Listen and tell us what you think.

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In My Judgement Episode #2

When it comes to creating a project charter do you ever wonder why you are creating this document and the benefits behind the document.

benefits of a project charter

Who really creates the charter

In this episode of In My Judgement Bob and Haydn discuss the benefits of who should create the document and why. Listen and let us know what you think of the project charter, is it needed or redundant?

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In My Judgement – Sponsorship

How important is sponsorship?

How often do you communicate with sponsors?

Project Management

Communication is key

In this episode of In My Judgement, Haydn and Bob discuss a construction project that ran over budget. They’ll touch on ownership and sponsorship as well as how often a project sponsor should be involved.

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