Influencing without Authority

Course Duration: 2 days

Professional Development Units (PDU’s): 14

Course Description: How do we establish enough influence over key stakeholders to get our work done when we have no ‘real’ authority over them?  We know what needs to be done and we know how to do it, yet we can not get our boss, our colleagues, and yes, even the people who report to us, to do ‘the right thing.’  Some days it feels like we are just banging our head against the wall.  The result…a whopping headache!

This interactive workshop discusses:

  • the nature of ‘influence vs. persuasion’ : ‘power vs. authority’
  • influencing formula
  • 5-step influencing model to guide you through how to influence when you do not have the right level of authority
  • roles and responsibilities of key project stakeholders
  • tools and tips for ‘herding cats’, communication plans, responsibility assignment matrix (RAM), RACI, and stakeholder influence matrix
  • handling difficult people situations using the SAFE model
  • the nature of perception

Key Learning Objectives:

  • how to identify and analyze key stakeholders on your projects
  • how to build and utilize stakeholder profiles to use in Influencing Action Plans
  • the importance of defining clear roles and responsibilities
  • how to establish and maintain trust-based relationships
  • learn four cores of credibility or self-trust
  • how to weigh stakeholder influence and the impacts to your project
  • how stakeholders form perception using the Ladder of Inference
  • 5 decision-making styles and how to influence each
  • appropriate media for the communications
  • essential elements of a communications plan
  • strategies to build trust and communicate more effectively in a virtual team environment
  • what difficult stakeholders really want from you
  • all about currencies and exchange in the influencing formula
  • be able to implement new strategies that will successfully deal with difficult stakeholders
  • new language and ways to verbally manage difficult stakeholders
  • how to proactively manage difficult stakeholders
  • how to effectively influence stakeholders using the influencing formula and 5-step influencing model

Audience: This course is intended for anyone who finds themselves in the position of having to influence people without having the right level of authority.

Course Prerequisites: Some experience with projects will be helpful.

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PMBOK® Guide Knowledge Areas:

Project Human Resource Management
Project Communication Management
Project Risk Management

BABOK® Knowledge Areas:

Requirements Planning & Monitoring
Enterprise Analysis
Underlying Competencies

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