Insights from a Project Manager – On-line Training

Insights from a Project Manager
Subject: Business, Project Management,Business Skills, Career Development
Level: Appropriate for all

Course Feedback

“Excellent—Seems to be a big picture vision of things that really matter and which can be applied to all aspects of business”.

 “Excellent–a guy who seems he has been there and done it”.

“The course has broadened my understanding of true project management and how I can get started leading small projects and things to think about to make projects successful”. 

“I think Bob is a very good presenter.   I like hearing from someone with his breadth of experience”.

“The Presenter Bob McGannon is excellent and presents the material in a concise, easy to understand manner and format”.

“Excellent, obviously very well versed on subject matter”.

“Extremely knowledgeable and very simple to understand”.

“Bob McGannon helped produced a lot of insight and allow me to be more confident inn the arena of project management. I believe his honesty provided a secure method that I can adopt as I grow professionally in project management”.

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