Successfully Managing Sponsors Workshop

Purchase Cialis Soft cheap Workshop Duration: 1 day

Buy Cialis Soft Over The Counter Professional Development Units (PDU’s): 7

Order cheap Cialis Soft Workshop Description: Order Cialis Soft 20 mg generic Arguably the most vital partnership in the project world is the partnership between the project manager and the sponsor.  Unfortunately the project manager-sponsor partnership is the one most often described through gnashed teeth.  The good news is… it doesn’t have to be this way! Order Cialis Soft 20 mg generic

This workshop will examine different sponsorship and governance approaches, the pros and cons of each and how to tailor the project management approach for each of these sponsorship schemes. Attendees will work through an assessment of the degree of trust and sponsorship knowledge that resides with the sponsor and what to do as a result. This workshop presents the project manager-sponsor partnership as a process and addresses the pitfalls and strengths that a process approach can surface. How to create the sponsorship process at the start of the project and how to recover a sponsorship process that is failing is a major focus for this course.

At the forefront of a successful sponsorship approach is an effective decision making process. This workshop
concludes with an examination of various successful decision making schemes and the customization of a personalized sponsorship management worksheet that attendees can apply in their workplace.

Key Learning Objectives:

  • examine various sponsorship schemes and their  pros and cons
  • learn to view the project manager–sponsor partnership as a process
  • understand the challenges facing project sponsors
  • assess and manage the level of trust that exists with your sponsor
  • assess and manage the sponsorship knowledge that exists with your sponsor
  • discuss ways to establish a solid sponsorship relationship early in the project
  • explore ways in which a troubled sponsorship relationship can be recovered
  • examine, evaluate and customize a sponsor management approach for your workplace

Agenda: The Roles and Responsibilities of the Project Sponsor

Various Sponsorship Approaches

  • a single sponsor
  • a sponsorship committee
  • multi-level governance schemes
  • pros and cons
  • working with each sponsorship type

The Project Sponsorship Process

  • effective governance
  • product governance
  • financial management
  • prioritization and portfolio considerations
  • risk management
  • promoting the project

Assessing Your Sponsor

  • knowledge and experience with sponsorship
  • trust
  • influence within the organization and the project context
  • managing with varying sponsorship abilities

Customize Your Approach with Your Sponsor

  • influencing the decision making process
  • assess the sponsorship worksheet
  • customize the worksheet to meet your needs
  • applying the worksheet to your environment

Workshop Close

Audience: This workshop is designed for project managers of all experience levels

Course Prerequisites: None

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