Have You Lost Perspective?

By Bob McGannon, PMP

In the business world we live in today, one of the greatest personal challenges we all have is to be satisfied with the work we get done and maintain balance or perspective in our lives. In an attempt to assist with the evaluation of perspective in your life, here are a series of questions/statements you can use to determine if you have become too one-dimensional:

Have you spent at least one hour this week on a hobby?

Have you eaten dinner, at least twice, at a leisurely pace this week?

Have you spent uninterrupted time playing with your child(ren) this week?

Do you have to schedule time with your spouse, rather than depend upon being available after work?

Your spouse calls you on your cell phone to talk to you – and you both are home!

Have you cancelled a vacation day more than once in the past two years?

Have you cut back on physical exercise?

Have you spent a weekend this month without touching your laptop or any other work materials?

Have you sat and watched a movie lately?

Do you lose sleep once a week or more turning over work issues in your mind?

Have you told a family member “I know I promised, BUT…” ?

Have you taken your corporate id badge to try to open the door to your home?

Have you had lunch with a peer in the last two weeks?

Are you more than two trips behind on submitting your expense accounts?

Have you found yourself reaching for your pager or cell phone and checking if it is working if you haven’t been paged/called lately?

Do you spend more time commuting to work than spending time with your family?

Do you eat breakfast in your car on a regular basis?

Have you shaved, combed your hair, applied makeup, or brushed your teeth(!) in the car this week?

Do you call into work during vacation “just to check in”?

Have you found yourself forgetting to take your necktie off when you get home?

Have you answered your home phone like you were at work any time in the past month?

The pressures of the workplace today can be all consuming. The reality today is that the work on your plate will always be there; there will always be one more thing you can do. This will not change IF YOU ATTACK IT NOW OR LATER. Understanding this is paramount to maintaining balance. The company will take all you have, say thank you, and maybe “pat you on the back”. In contrast, is it worth:

Missing the smile of a loved one?

Missing the joy of your child’s first basketball three-pointer? How about having to answer “no” to ‘Did you see that Mom/Dad?’

Missing the opportunity to hold your spouses hand?

Losing yourself?

Reflect on what you want to be. Understand that every choice you make is not only a definition of what your co-workers and peers will think of you, but what your family thinks as well – even if they are unaware of the particulars. In light of this, would you be making the same decisions you are today?

Bob McGannon is Vice-President of Mindavation, a company providing project management training and consulting, leadership workshops and team building programs worldwide. Bob can be contacted via the web at www.mindavation.com or by calling 866-888-MIND (6463).


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