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Critical Judgment – Increasing the Depth of Your Foresight

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Duration & Location

2 days - online and onsite*
*min of 8 for onsite delivery

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A minimum of three years’ project management experience is recommended prior to taking this course.


This course is designed for experienced project managers.


Project management, for many people, is the ‘accidental profession’. Becoming adept at project management however is far from accidental. The skillful project manager has learned from repeated experiences to predict project issues and prevent them before they even occur, or before they adversely impact their organization.
This course focuses on how to design a ‘responsive’ project by predicting where the problem areas may be hiding. Also how to communicate with peers, team members, and senior leaders in a manner that meets their needs, challenges their thought processes, while using precious time effectively. This class is designed to expand the ‘insight’ of intermediate to experienced project managers to enable them to become more effective.

Knowledge Areas Covered

PMBOK Knowledge Areas

Project Communications Management | Project Stakeholder Management | Project Human Resources Management | Project Integration Management | Project Risk Management

Key Learning Objectives

  • learn to understand where intuition comes from and how to leverage and expand your intuition
  • discuss approaches for verifying and validating your intuition
  • examine personal thinking and learning modes for information processing
  • review the Leadership Lens and understand how it can be used to position your project for successful organizational change
  • identify the sources and process for collecting information for the four lenses
  • capitalize on a decision making model to quickly make good sound decisions
  • identify and understand essential professional coaching skills
  • find out how coaching can increase the capabilities of team members, your sponsor and other key stakeholders