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Presentation Skills

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This course is intended for anyone who nees to develop and enhance their presentation and communication skills.


Why are “presentation skills” part of leadership? Simply put – when you present you are representing people, an organisation, ideas, or initiatives. In a nutshell, that is something leaders do- they/we communicate and bring people together and make a difference. Rarely, if ever, will you present just for the sake of presenting. Presentations are meant to educate, inspire, impact, engage, encourage or get people on board with something. If not, it’s not a presentation. Your tone of voice, subject matter, awareness of the room, knowledge of audience, preparation, and so much more, impact your ability to give effective and memorable presentations. In a world of nearly 9 billion people, standing out and being remembered can give you an edge over the competition.

Key Learning Objectives

  • Understanding your audience
  • Staying focused while delivering your presentation
  • Learning how to make your message stick
  • Making changes on the fly
  • Understanding how to use body language
  • Speaking naturally to your audience
  • Structure of a presentation and how to prepare more effectively