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Project Management Toolkit & Agile PM Overview

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2 days

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This course is designed for people activley involved in delivering new products and services and require the skills, tools and techniques in delivering outcomes through projects.


Project Management is a very complex profession, but can be simplified when broken down into logical and practical components. Mindavation applies fundamental project management techniques and demonstrates how they can be used to manage any project successfully. Get your projects off to a great start by providing pivotal training to your project management professionals. In addition, this course is for the managers who need to understand when and how agile principles can be applied to projects in their organisations. Attendees will learn techniques to understand how agile projects are different and the best techniques to manage them effectively. Discuss the best ways to avoid the common pitfalls of agile projects. Mindavation courses are highly interactive with challenging case studies and lectures filled with real life work scenarios. Attendees will team together to apply techniques learned from the lectures and will return to their professional environment prepared to manage a project from cradle to grave.

Key Learning Objectives

  • review the techniques to initiate a project successfully and obtain corporate buy-in
  • discuss methods to determine true business requirements
  • understand stakeholder analysis techniques
  • develop a work breakdown structure
  • review processes to estimate your project effort
  • validate risk management processes
  • learn how to identify & manage problems BEFORE they are out of control
  • Learn and apply the Agile project management lifecycle
  • Review approaches to manage and track an Agile project