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Demonstrating Courageous Leadership

Course Cost:

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Duration & Location

2 days - onsite*
*min of 6 for onsite delivery

Development Units



A minimum of four years project management or business analysis experience is required.


This course is designed for experienced project managers, business analyst, and managers.


This is an advanced leadership course designed to prepare project managers for successful interactions with senior management and to effectively manage politically charged projects. The workshop describes communication styles, personal risk assessment approaches and helps attendees prepare for the challenging discussions that need to be held to successfully deliver complex initiatives involving multiple senior stakeholders. Included in the course is a discussion of Intelligent Disobedience; the ability to successfully counter the directions of management. This requires the project manager to challenge, pushback and make suggestions to management that defend the project integrity against the expectations of your key stakeholders.
The application of standard leadership techniques is compared and contrasted with ‘courageous’ approaches, along with the circumstances under which courageous approaches are necessary. The course will assist the attendees with understanding and formulating the ‘difficult conversations’ that need to take place in order to say “no” to senior leaders, thus assisting the project manager to support their businesses with the greatest degree of integrity. Exercises that provide attendees the means to practice the formulation of these conversations are a pivotal part of this stimulating and highly interactive course.

Knowledge Areas Covered

PMBOK Knowledge Areas

Project Communications Management | Project Stakeholder Management | Project Human Resources Management | Project Risk Management

Key Learning Objectives

  • examine methods for proposing potentially unpopular directions or opinions
  • discuss approaches for successfully dealing with senior managers and stakeholders
  • learn how to craft compelling arguments to garner business support
  • propose a decision making process for when you should ‘bend the rules’ or alter processes – leveraging common sense over common processes on an exception basis