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Innovation Leadership – from Strategy through Tactical to Operational

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2.5 days




This course is designed for leaders of innovation, those needing to deliver the change and those that need to manage the ongoing product/service.


Innovation leaders need to recognise and utilise every phase of the innovation process to develop effective policy, services and products that successfully deliver or exceed the expected benefits to the organisation and stakeholders. Innovation implementation we will cover the proven methodologies and best practices (although they are seldom correctly applied) to lead and participate in innovation efforts for your organisation to gain or maintain sustainable offerings. This course covers the complete innovation life cycle, from goods and service ideation through to launch and ongoing lifecycle management.

Key Learning Objectives

  • The innovation body of knowledge will be explored in two categories:
    • Those processes and activities associated with the Managed Front End that transforms needs and ideas into business cases for potentially viable product concepts and
    • The New Product Development process that uses a framework of execution stages and decision gates to transform concepts into products launched to their target market.
  • The body of knowledge includes a total of eight areas:
    • Managed Front End
      • Innovation Strategic Alignment
      • Ideation Management
      • Business Case Development
    •  New Product Development
      • Knowledge Creation
      • Project
      • Innovation Development
      • Innovation Qualification
      • Product Launch