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Program Management

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2 days - online and onsite*
*min of 8 for onsite delivery

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A minimum 10 years project management experience is required. Attending Complex Project Management or Complex IT Project Management is highly recommended.


This course is designed for senior project managers, program managers and portfolio managers


In an increasingly complex world, program management (the managing of multiple related projects in an optimal way) is a vital skill and a significant and non-trivial growth step for project managers to make. Program management involves a much greater involvement with senior leaders, numerous conflicting objectives, and tension between day to day business management issues and overall program deliverables. Working through these, and other significant issues, requires experience, sound standard processes, and more importantly, pragmatic ‘how-to’s’ to make your program successful.
This course takes the theory of what to do when you are managing a program, sifts through the ‘nice-to-haves’, and provides recommendations for what is really needed to be successful, including the types of tools that are needed to bring a program’s deliverables to fruition.
This course will help you understand the common traps a program manager can face when dealing with this greater role within the organization and how to avoid them. Programs succeed when they are well conceived and sponsored, have the proper governance and control tools, and most importantly, are organized with the target business (versus technology) in mind. This course focuses on the fastest ways to get these accomplished, as often program managers are assigned to programs that are well and truly in progress. This class is designed for the new program manager and the experienced program manager that wants to validate their techniques and expand the approaches they can use to manage their programs.

Knowledge Areas Covered

PMBOK Knowledge Areas

Project Communications Management | Project Stakeholder Management | Project Human Resources Management | Project Scope Management | Project Integration Management | Project Risk Management

Key Learning Objectives

  • assist participants in preparing for the PgMP exam
  • help participants understand the differences between project management and program management
  • foster the management of multiple critical paths and derive what needs to be managed by the program manager, not the project managers
  • drive the importance of cross-project links as the key to successfully managing the critical paths inherent in programs
  • derive techniques for business management, not technical management, as the key to successfully managing programs. Program management is a BUSINESS exercise
  • understand and set priorities between project objectives, program objectives, operational execution and service level management
  • examine approaches to assist the sponsoring organization in preparing for the deliverables that are provided by the program to the business