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Project Communication Management

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2 days - online and onsite*
*min of 8 for onsite delivery

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This course is designed for project managers, team leads, and those responsible for communication management.


Communication management is one of the essential functions that can dramatically affect the outcome of a project. Project managers must create and effectively use a communication plan that performs two principle functions: collect the right data and disseminate appropriate information in a timely manner. To do this effectively project teams are under an obligation to identify the appropriate audiences, develop appropriate communication media, establish a communication schedule, and manage the flow of information in and out of the project team.
This two-day course focuses on the tools and techniques that project teams can use to build an effective communication plan. Attendees will have the opportunity to experience how to conduct an effective stakeholder assessment, identify audiences of the project, design and implement a communication strategy, and prepare more effective project reports for their stakeholders.

Knowledge Areas Covered

PMBOK Knowledge Areas

Project Communications Management | Project Stakeholder Management

Key Learning Objectives

  • conduct an effective stakeholder assessment
  • categorize stakeholders into specific audiences
  • develop an effective project information management approach
  • identify the five elements of a superior communication plan
  • identify the appropriate communication media for different stakeholder groups
  • create effective status report elements
  • conduct effective lessons learned sessions