In our organisation it is easy to request services and it is always clear what will be delivered, how and when

Mindavation can help you setup Service Catalogue and Request Management processes. This will ensure your services are not just well defined, but also that they are easy to engage with, can be easily configured (using bundles and parameters) and can be delivered on time, with the right quality and with accurate reporting on usage/utilisation, billing and charges.

We also help you shield your customers from service technicalities and help you align your service resource and asset capacity with service demand.

Each service provided in our organisation has a clear definition, ownership, and agreed upon service level targets

Mindavation can help you create service definitions, define service level objectives and agreements to ensure your services are well managed, repeatable and effective. Part of our consulting is to ensure that your service requirements are aligned across your value stream and your service level agreements are supported by your internal operational level agreements and underpinning contracts with third parties.