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Service and Process Re-design

The Challenge

A major Australian bank identified customer turnaround timeframes were impacting on sales performance within one of their key lines of business.

The issue was to identify a more efficient and timely turnaround from application to fulfilment that will become the new industry standard.

The Solution

Mindavation worked with the client to understand the expected outcomes and aligning the expected value that a new process definition would deliver.  Once these outcomes were achieved Mindavation worked through assumptions and identified a number of initiates that would challenge those assumptions to find paradime efficiency gains that would then achieve the outcomes expected.  The challenging of those assumptions were based around process dependencies and policies and procedures that were guiding the governance that they were PERCEIVED to have to comply with.

This investigation and analysis identified that a number of the processed procedures and governance were outdated and no longer needed which enabled a greater line of sight between the interconnecting dependencies and processes.  By capturing the current state and leveraging the KRAC model assisted in defining new processes, procedures, use cases, and business rules which help redefine the application journey that resulted in increased efficacy in the qualify of information captured, processed and fulfilled.

Program Outcomes

By implementing the new future state the financial institution went from being the forth preferred supplier to being number 1, increased sales by plugging the sales process gaps and reducing the enablement process from 28 day down to 3.

Mindavation’s approach leveraged strategic analysis process capture and design, journey mapping, project management embedding the new processes and delivering the expected outcome through effective organisational change management practice


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