Bridie Letford

I have been lucky enough to have Haydn as my mentor, and I would strongly recommend him to anyone seeking guidance and support, his mentorship has helped me not only professionally, providing me with the tools that I need to excel as a business analyst, sound advice on many an occasion and the confidence to apply for roles I would never have thought I would have had a chance of getting. Personally, his faith in my ability has had a profound impact on my self confidence, my integrity, and vastly improved my skills when dealing with others both in and out of the workplace. The tasks that he set me helped me to look at who I am as a person, and as a professional, identify my strengths and weaknesses, and how to make the most of my strong points, and develop skills to address my weaknesses. He has been generous with his time, and always ensures that when I spend time with him, I feel like a priority, and that he cares about my professional improvement. I can honestly say that I wouldn’t have made it so far in such a short period of time without his expert guidance and advice.