Dan Crick

Jimmie served as the leader (Dean) of the PM College during my first four years with PM Solutions. During that period Jimmie created a motivated and focused team that enjoyed tremendous commercial growth. He was personally responsible for establishing an “espirit de corps” that sadly has been lost since his departure almost two years ago.
In my job as Business Development manager I enjoyed numerous client presentations with Jimmie. Five of my biggest wins involved bringing Jimmie in for my final presentation. He demonstrated credibility for the PM College with his background and achievements, and his dynamic and passionate presentation style always won over the audience.

I was always torn on how to best utilize Jimmie. Clients were forever wanting Jimmie in the classroom to deliver as much of the training contract as possible. Every class he taught received maximum satisfaction scores, and repeated requests for more. However, having Jimmie in the classroom did not allow me to use him for my sales endeavors.
All in all I would recommend Jimmie as a natural born leader, with an uncanny ability to motivate and energize. His achievements in the fields of adult learning and project management, make him a seasoned practitioner, a true industry expert, who can command instant respect from clients.