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Define YOUR Leadership Narrative in 5 Steps

Perhaps one of our greatest personal and professional assets is our own narrative. Likely there are events and experiences in our lifetime that required us to use skills and qualities we didn’t realise we had. The potential and beauty of these experiences, particularly when it comes to leadership, is the inspiration that awaits the world […]

Working With The Accidential Project Sponsor

We hear this all of the time – project management is the “accidental profession.” Very few of us went to university with the objective of being a project manager, nor did we enter the business world with that objective. Somehow, through the course of human events, we ended up at the wheel of a scheduling […]

Managing Change – Making the Unknown Known

Change is the one constant element that must be faced by anyone with the responsibility to run or be part of a business. It is the most exciting and most terrifying item that a manager must handle. How one approaches this managerial challenge will determine the quality of the product produced, and the managers perception […]

Are you Done Testing

How do you know you’ve sufficiently tested the product your company is eagerly waiting for? This is probably one of the most difficult questions for a project manager to answer. Undoubtedly there is some “grayness” to determining when testing is completed, but that doesn’t mean you can’t add some “science” to determine if your product has been […]

Your Job Is To Be The Hurdle

The project manager’s ultimate responsibility is to protect and promote the business for whom he is working. Towards that end, the project manager works diligently to produce the best business results, meeting or exceeding the objectives of the “triple constraints” – scope, time and resources. However, there are a number of instances where the astute […]

Would you choose your Doctor the same way you’d choose your Project Manager?

If you knew that 85-90% of all the work doctors did fail, how would you go about choosing your doctor? What criteria would you apply? …….. their qualifications, letters after their name, associations, memberships, reputation, recommendations (hey I have this great doctor and he only fails 50% of the time which is well below average!). […]

Corporate Culture: A Constraint On Your Project?

You have assembled a highly skilled technical team. After a long search, you have hired an experienced project manager to ensure the project is tightly controlled. Through careful budgeting, you ensure that appropriate funding is available. Do you think you have mixed a recipe for a successful project? Think again – a primary factor that […]

The 10 Things I Learned From My Dog

In past articles, canine knowledge has provided us with insights to project management as a whole and helped us navigate the world of business analysis. We will now take a look at how our faithful friends can teach us about project sponsorship. Effective sponsorship is critical to the success of a project – and certain […]

PMs Guide to Everyday Team Building

It is a well documented fact – project managers are the tone setters for their project teams. The mood of a project team will be a direct reflection of the mood the project manager carries while strolling the halls, facilitating meetings and conducting one-on-one sessions with project team members. If you doubt this, try this […]

Short On Time Have More Meetings

OK, before you think we have gone crazy…we recommend more SHORT, FOCUSED meetings. As project managers and business analysts we often find ourselves with pressing deadlines, frantic team members who are juggling many tasks with little time, and senior stakeholders who place increasingly challenging demands upon us. At the same time, we face unchanging statistics […]

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