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Design Thinking Workshops

Oct 2018

Join us at one of our 2-day workshops on Design Thinking.

Adelaide – 8/9 October

Sydney – 17/18 October


Most strategies fail because they are developed in isolation, without effectively leveraging all knowledge and human capital available and because they are executed without taking into account the human factors that can make or break any initiative.

This course is about those human factors and how they can be mobilised in strategy development and execution. We will look at them through a series of lenses to uncover what they are and how they can be leveraged.

To set the scene we will look at the viewpoint of the chief executive (the strategic view), a manager (the tactical view) and an individual worker (the operational view). How do they typically experience the failure of strategy and what are the questions they can ask to find the most common root causes of this failure.

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