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Change Management is one of the core disciplines in managing any type of transformation. Process and Technology are fairly straight forward in terms of design and configuration, but this is very different for People. People can’t be configured and need guidance to adopt new ways of working. Change management is a structured approach to this guidance and it reduces risks like resistance, obstruction, inefficiency, and mistakes, and it also creates buy-…

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Delivering change starts with preparing your business with the information and /or tools it needs to embrace what’s new. So whether you’re upgrading your core Customer Relationship Management System, or simply upgrading the coffee machine in the tearoom, you need to have all of your business readiness activities rolled out.

That change that was meant to deliver all those benefits not live up to expectations? Mindavation has delivered significant (and small) change programs and we can share our scar based learnings on how to leverage all the frameworks, models, tools annd techniques so that your change programs deliver on the expected outcomes and results. We can assess and review what mechanisms, structure, approaches and reporting needed to ensure you stay ontop of the process from the very start of the project all the way through to recognising the expectes benefits annd outcomes.

Organisations invest a significant amount of resources, budget, time and energry in building the mechanisms of change through effective business analysis and project management. These inititaives are deemed succcess if they deliver on time, on budget and to expected scope, or in the agile world a minimal viable product. Delivering these changes also need to ensure that the products and services are introduced and smoothly transitioned into operational state and deliver the outcomes that the organisation is seeking. Enter the change manager and the change managamennt Methodologies and Frameworks to support and embed the changes. Prosci’s ADKAR, Kotter, Lewin, Kolb, DMAIC; Mindavation will work with you to determine which approach will work best within your organisation.

Ensuring that your business is ready for change is vital to ensuring the successful delivery of your project. Before you can engage with the right stakeholders and begin the change journey, you first need to identify who is impacted.
A change impact assessment will explore, analyse and identify the people, systems and processes that will be impacted by the change, both internal and external to your organisation.
Mindavation will be able to help you work through the impact assessment process and help build a strategy for ensuring complete coverage, from requirements elicitation through to business readiness activities.

Business readiness is essential when implementing small or large changes within an organisation. People are creatures of habit and we all get proficient and comfortable with our day-to-day work. So whether you’re upgrading your core Customer Relationship Management System, or simply upgrading the coffee machine in the tearoom, humans generally panic.

Business readiness is all about making sure that the business is READY for the change that’s coming. This can be as simple as getting your staff involved and aware well ahead of time with effective communication, or for the larger transformation implementations, ensuring that information and training sessions are also provided with efficient rollout strategies in place.
Mindavation can help you assess the impacts that the change will have on your organisation and assist with a business readiness plan and rollout strategy.


A large multi-national bank had a problem. Success was pinned against key business change and new international initiatives. While there was risk real attached, the board knew the result was the banks future. Unfortunately, those same programs where now at risk. The pressure was mounting on the bank’s program and project managers who were facing the need to deliver projects of escalating complexity

Change and Business Benefits relate back to how an organization wishes to achieve its strategic objectives. Understanding business benefits assists the decision makers make choices on the most appropriate investments and assists the organisation understand how the benefits need to be implemented and achieved.Today, we are seeing more and more organisations working to understand and articulate benefits in order to validate their business understanding, to prioritise and to ensure the organisation is investing and measuring the right things at the right time in order to achieve their strategic outcomes.
Organisational Change starts by defining the portfolio, program and project objectives and how they align to the organization’s strategic objectives and the benefits they expect to deliver. Benefits identification drives refinements to the business case, which in turn provides the right elements of information to make the right business decisions and to ultimately justify the time, resources and costs to deliver the expected outcomes. Starting this journney without a thorough understanding of how you are going to get there can be reducued by utilising Mindavations team, knowledge, experiences and resources to make your next initiative one to remember.


A strategic project you’re working on is going to require that people change the way they do their work, or who they work with, or what they care about, or how they’re performance is measured, or….. you get the picture! Organisations reach their goals through projects; projects require that people change. BUT – as a wise man once told me, “The only person who really likes change is a wet baby – and even they usually kick and scream throughout the change process!”


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