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Creative Problem Solving

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1 Day




This course is intended for managers, project managers, financial analysts and business analysts responsible for analysing and defining solutions


When we encounter problems we often go to what we know to solve them. All that means is we tend to base our solutions skills what’s familiar. Creative Problem Solving is a deliberate process by which you get to a new and different solution, or add a twist to a previous solution. Or perhaps you have a familiar problem and you need a different result this time. For example, in six months you need to increase profit by 25% instead of 15%. This is a great opportunity for creative problem solving. Creative problem is a team sport – it works better with more people in that you have that many more ideas to use when developing the best solution. This workshop will focus on ways to support and conduct creative problem solving in the workplace with your teams in new and experiential ways.

Key Learning Objectives

  • Using Creativity as the keystone for problem solving
  • Understanding how to define a solution • Shifting your perspective
  • Learning how to problem solve as a team
  • Facilitating multiple ideas
  • Learning on-the-fly tips for creative thinking
  • Thinking differently about how you work