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Managing Integration Projects

Course Cost:

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Duration & Location

2 days - online and onsite*
*min of 8 for onsite delivery

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At least four years’ project management experience required.


This course is intended for experienced project managers.


Systems and process integration projects are becoming the norm rather than the exception. Integration projects, however, are the most difficult and are laden with traps to snag the unwary project manager. Attendees will learn tips and processes that come from years of experience that will prepare them to avoid the failures that plague integration projects. Techniques taught in the course are reinforced with thorough ‘real-life’ case studies and a hands-on exercise that is interwoven throughout the course.

Knowledge Areas Covered

PMBOK Knowledge Areas

Project Stakeholder Management | Project Human Resources Management | Project Integration Management | Project Risk Management | Project Procurement Management

Key Learning Objectives

  • understand the definition of an integration project and the common areas of complexity
  • learn how to form an effective integration team
  • perform stakeholder analysis in an integration environment
  • identify, collect and analyze systems integration requirements
  • examine methods for planning integration activities
  • discuss the communication complexities of integration projects
  • review change management processes for highly complex changes
  • understand the common risk areas for integration projects
  •  develop a work breakdown structure that focuses on integration complexity
  • know how to make ‘build vs. buy’ decisions based on total cost of ownership
  • review estimating techniques unique to integration projects
  • understand common pitfalls that occur during project execution