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Risk Management Workshop

Course Cost:

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Duration & Location

2 days - online and onsite*
*min of 8 for onsite delivery

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Attendees need to have basic project management knowledge and experience. A minimum of one years’ experience is recommended.


This course is intended for managers and project manages responsible for managing risks on projects.


Most project issues develop over time – but issues are typically created in the early stages of the project. Effective risk identification with mitigation strategies will substantially increase project success and reduce issues. Attendees will receive training on applicable methods, techniques, and checklists specific to risk identification, risk analysis and risk mitigation.
2-3 projects from the client environment will be selected to apply risk management techniques to client specific projects. At the end of the workshop participants will have documented information on identified risks, analysis on those risks, and created a risk response plan for the high ranking risks. In addition, an overall risk management plan for each project will be drafted. Clients need to provide one laptop for every 5 participants.

Knowledge Areas Covered

PMBOK Knowledge Areas

Project Communications Management | Project Stakeholder Management | Project Risk Management

Key Learning Objectives

  • review risk identification processes
  • explore risk analysis tools and techniques
  • examine statistical processes for managing risk
  • review risk mitigation strategies
  • discuss contingency planning and contingency reserve
  • develop a risk management plan