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Business Assessments


Project governance – the roles, responsibilities, decision making processes and standard guidance given to those leading the required change and their teams is at the heart of critical governance success. Making the right decisons at the right time with the right amount of process and diligence is needed to ensure proper and enough oversight and qulaity assuranace is in place, without creating more red tape is imperative to successful project governance. Mindavation has worked with increasingly fast moving and complex organisations around the world in designing, reviewing and adjusting prudent governance strutcures and process. Effective Project sponsorship is constantly at the heart of successful outcomes and as the leaders of this project governance process, must be aware of their responsibilities and be willing to dedicate time to the sponsorship process to ensure that governance efforts are efficient, effective and allows the executive sponsor to support their projects without being burdened by them.

Service Management

Our definition of a service is having the benefits of an asset without having the ownership of that asset. A Test Service, for example, would allow consumers of that service to enter tests and results and create reports without having to configure and maintain a test tool. A service definition would describe the functionality, how to get access, what it will cost, how to get help or request improvements, what reports to expect and what the planned availability is of the tool and support.

Strategy Alignment

Strategy is the decisions organizations take to deliver against their Vision and Missions. Strategy alignment is building and optimising your operating model and capabilities to execute your strategy.An operating model is the link between strategy and operations and defines your key prinicples, values, governance, processes and organization structures.A well aligned operating model enables your organization to deliver strategic outcomes faster by improving efficiency, accountability and collaboration around your core capabilities.Mindavation is not there to work out the vision, purpose and direction for your organization. Where Mindavation can help is with strategy alignment. We can help you with a wide range of tools, techniques and services to optimise your operating model and develop your core capabilities.This allows you to focus on implementing your strategy better and faster.

Organizational Change Management

Change Management is one of the core disciplines in managing any type of transformation. Process and Technology are fairly straight forward in terms of design and configuration, but this is very different for People. People can’t be configured and need guidance to adopt new ways of working. Change management is a structured approach to this guidance and it reduces risks like resistance, obstruction, inefficiency, and mistakes, and it also creates buy-in and re-enforces the positive outcomes of a transformation. Mindavation can help with building your change management capability, planning the change management stream for your project and providing experienced change managers to augment your organisation.