Advanced Data Modelling

This course extends participants knowledge of data modelling by exploring advanced concepts such as sub-types, recursive and network relationships, denormalization and when to apply it, and other considerations for transforming a logical model into a physical design. It picks up where our introductory course on Data Modelling leaves off. It assumes participants have grasped or have experience with the fundamental concepts of data modelling and builds on them. Depending on the level of experience and knowledge of the participants, this course can be reduced to a 1-day class (by eliminating the sub-types/super-types and recursive relationships sections of the course).

Project Management: Healthcare Projects

Healthcare projects have their own unique set of needs and challenges, including privacy concerns and regulatory constraints. Learn how to effectively manage these challenges on healthcare projects large and small in this course with project management expert Bob McGannon. Bob goes over specific approaches to setting project goals, scheduling tasks, managing stakeholders, and mitigating the risks and challenges that are common to the medical field. Then he proposes some specific challenges to bring the concepts to life and offers solutions so you can compare your approach with his recommendations.