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Adaptive Leadership

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This course is designed for managers looking to take their leadership skills to the next level


It has long been discussed that technology has made our world “smaller” and we are more interconnected than ever. Whether it is a crisis or a celebration, our public (whether they are our employees, teams, supervisors, etc.) often expects “immediate” action and decisiveness. As such, leadership is evolving and different skills and abilities are required – specifically the ability to adapt. More and more often we are tested and measured by the situations we face in which we must make take action without a known or proven “good” or “right” answer. Adaptive leadership can support you and your organisation with growth, gaining a competitive edge, ensuring sustainability and more. Learning how to recognise, understand and improve your personal adaptive leadership will give you access to new and different ways to more successfully respond, instead of react, to the many opportunities in your business environment. In this fun and fully interactive workshop, you will experience and explore proven improvisational techniques and principles, designed to help you grow and effectively become more adaptive as a leader.

Key Learning Objectives

  • Definition and awareness of personal limiting beliefs
  • Understanding how to think more quickly and creatively
  • Learning to lead when confronted by the unexpected
  • Using innovation in your role as a leader
  • Navigating ambiguity- Reading the cues of your environment to support decision-making
  • Defining characteristics of adaptive leadership