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Making Diversity your Key to Success

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1 day




Individuals and teams wanting to support success and gain insight into other’s strengths so as to access and leverage the possibilities


This course is not about how to avoid litigations, be politically correct in the workplace, or equal opportunity employment. Although those are important aspects to a work environment, this diversity conversation is broader – it’s about perspectives, ideas, experiences and a culture.
In “Making Diversity the Solution” participants will learn and apply skills and techniques to capitalise on diversity in the workplace. They will discover how their individuality supports success and gain insight into other’s strengths so as to access and leverage the possibilities. Perspectives, ideas and productivity will shift so as to generate sustainable results when it comes to the triple bottom-line: profit, process and people. Participants will leave with an understanding of the role they play and the impact they have, as individuals and as team, when it comes to unleashing the potential of a multifarious environment.

Key Learning Objectives

  • Accept and capitalise on both interpersonal and situational diversity
  • Increase awareness to create a foundation for functional and effective communication
  • Brainstorming design ideas for an environment conducive to diversity
  • Understand and identify sources for interpersonal conflict
  • Develop implementation strategies for diversity in the workplaceeUnderstand why and how diversity will optimise organisational performance
  • Expand the diversity conversation – extend thinking beyond race, gender, age, experience, generation and religion (Skill set, expertise, education, values, morals)