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Relationship Dynamics

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This course is designed to be of benefit to business analysts, project managers, project team leaders and general business staff.


Status is something we do, not something we are anyone with whom you interact, be it your boss, your customer, your co-worker or a vendor, the dynamics of the interaction impact your business. Learning how to recognize, understand and harness dynamics will open your eyes to a new and advantageous under-the-surface mode of communication. Experiencing and exploring proven improvisational techniques and principles, participants will discover how to optimize their relationships to generate desired results.

Key Learning Objectives

  • Understanding Relationship Dynamics
  • Adjusting the Dynamics to Influence Others
  • Playing the Missing Piece to Get what You Want
  • Learning to Equalize Status
  • Reading Body Language Plus Using relationship dynamics to empower your team Applications of equalizing status (building trust) Understanding your natural (preferred) status role