Enhancing capabilities in Portfolio, Program, Project, Requirements and Leadership Management

Mindavation (Mind a va shen) The use of the creative mind to inspire motivation that results in innovation, productivity and growth – mindavate v.

Why Mindavation?

  • We see every engagement as a means of increasing the capability of our client to bring value to their business
  • We are a team of experienced professionals, with current international and complex program experience
  • When we consult, we strive to take on a mentoring role to ensure that our consultants don’t ‘walk out the door’ with intellectual capital that should be instilled in our client’s staff members
  • We provide a guarantee on all work we perform
  • When we deliver coaching, we do so with a mindset using approaches for our clients to expand their own capabilities after the coaching services are completed
  • We believe people learn though hands-on activities and experimenting, which is why our courses are designed to engage students in lively discussions, case studies and activities
  • We treat our clients with respect and fairness
  • We take ownership of our results and only consider our job to be finished when we meet or exceed our customer’s expectations
  • When we deliver one of our highly interactive training programs we offer pre-course assessments and post course follow up

Mindavation’s goal is to understand your business needs to leverage your existing talents and resources.

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The Mindavation Foundation is proud to donate 5% of profits towards development of youth leaders.
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