Becoming a Triple Threat Leader – On-line Training

Becoming a Triple-Threat Leader
Subject: Business, Project Management, Business Skills, Management
Level: Appropriate for all
Course Feedback
“I really like this instructor. This is the second course of his I’ve taken, and I should mention I’m not a project management person. I’m a graphic designer. But I naturally do projects, and Mr. McGannon’s courses have really broadened my perspectives. Being a better project manager will result in my being a better designer”.
“This was very informative and has me thinking about my own role as a program coordinator”.
“I’d recommend this course to anyone who is in the PM sector.  It’s encouraging to know that others have a common thread and are inviting this change in the PM sector.
The author was able to articulate so many areas to sharpen the saw so to speak!  This gave me a sense of adventure to challenge my project practices and bring them to a modern level and practice.  This technique has not yet been fully adopted in the PM sector and it is great to hear that this is soon to be part of best practice”.
“Fantastic course!”

“Highly emotional and personal in a positive sense, thus extremely persuasive.  Almost as good as a live lecture and a perfect example of how online courses should be”.

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