Relationship Dynamics Workshop – Optimizing your Business Relationships to Generate Results

Delivered in partnership with the Improv Effect

Course Duration: 1 day

Professional Development Units (PDU’s): 7

Course Description: The interactions you have with people you work with are vitally important. In fact, they often directly affect the achievement of your business objectives, and in turn, the value you provide to your employers and clients. Learning how to recognise, understand and improve your ability to manage relationships will open your eyes to new and advantageous ways to assert positive influence.

In this fun and fully interactive workshop, you will experience and explore proven improvisational techniques and principles, designed to help you discover how to optimise your relationships and generate positive outcomes.

At the end of the workshop you will have an indispensable toolkit for harnessing relationship dynamics, thus improving your ability to create meaningful interactions that produce great results.


Key Learning Objectives:

Understanding Relationship Dynamics

  • Making Adjustments to Influence Others
  • Playing the Missing Piece to Get what You Want
  • Learning to Create an Equal Footing in your Interactions
  • Reading Body Language

We also look at:

  • Using relationship dynamics to empower teams
  • Applying status management to build trust
  • Understanding your natural (preferred) status role


Workshop Delivery Method:

Structured Practice

  • Examples provided for each exercise
  • Facilitated Q & A throughout
  • Fundamentals and best practices are reinforced

Guided Practice

  • Participants practice semi-independently in small groups (or pairs)
  • Participants’ practice is being monitored
  • Feedback through praise and/or prompting is provided
  • Debriefing in groups
  • Debriefing / whole group discussion

Note: Workshops format is flexible as it adjusts to the needs and progression of the participants.

Course Prerequisites: None Required

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