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Readiness and Process and Data Governance Ethicacy


Identify the data management trends most likely to affect its business over the next five years by:

  • Analysing how existing data management trends may impact its industry and ability to create new opportunities.
  • Understanding how these opportunities may require changes to corporate strategy, data systems and product portfolio.
  • Preparing a strategy to respond to the impact of these trends on the market.

Client’s Outcomes:

  • Accelerated and targeted portfolio expansion.
  • Leverage existing organisational capabilities.
  • Optimise supplier performance.
  • Manage overall operating costs.

The Challenge

Client’s challenge: Identify the data management trends most likely to affect its business over the next five years.

A global pharmaceutical organisation, with manufacturing operations in Canada, Australia, South East Asia and India, was looking for a more flexible approach to managing data across its employee, vendor, and outside contractor base.

The organisation needed a more cost effective way to control access to its supply chain and ERP systems without limiting business operations, quality and compliance.

Concerns began to swell as the organisation struggled to keep pace with its rapid growth in increased divesture and acquisition activity in order to maintain its lead in the global market.

The current approach for managing data across their application environment was developed in-house and involved running a series of manual scripts against their application environment.

Their ability to manage data within their systems was now at risk due to a period of rapid growth, leaving the organisation attempting to function with inefficient, complicated home-grown systems.


Mindavation’s solution: Use insights into technologies and data trends, strategic perspectives, and provide recommendations for their future state roadmap.

Mindavation was engaged to help the organisation to revamp its data management.

Mindavation began by working with the organisation to demonstrate how an integrated approach to data management could help streamline product provisioning and improve their overall quality and compliance.

There were several legacy applications and systems (in-house developed and packaged) that the organisation determined were not meeting their needs.

The recommendation was made to retire the applications and systems and implement a single Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) solution.

Mindavation began by developing a detailed data management solution that would serve as a roadmap for integration into an Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) System across the organisation.

Mindavation then identified issues and opportunities for improvement across their core processes, by standardisation across all business units. This meant that the organisation could gain efficiencies through an effective, robust and profitable way of working.

Mindavation also worked on-site with the organisations employees to train them on the new processes, procedures and governance structure.

Finally working with the IT and business staff, Mindavation developed a new system architecture and data model design for their data management, ensuring the organisation could continue its growth journey, have a reliable single source of truth and exemplary quality and compliance control.

The Solution

Mindavation’s Solution

Use insights into technologies and data trends, strategic perspectives, and provide recommendations for their future state roadmap by:

  • Implementing a data governance approach to drive ongoing improvements in data management.
  • Change the culture around data management to focus on quality, reliability and collaboration.
  • Define and agree the required set of master data for long term growth.
  • Determine the approach and implement, a data management “single version of the truth”.


Impact on client’s business

The Board got an objective perspective on data management trends, their implications and remediation roadmap.

  • The analysis enabled the CEO and Board to make smart and strategic decisions for their five-year vision of the organisation.
  • Established new systematic processes that organisation leaders can use to drive their annual strategy.
  • Implemented a data governance body to drive strategic vision and continuous improvement.

Provided a detailed data management roadmap that organisation leaders can use to drive their data maturity level and strategic vision.

Program Outcomes

By standardising operational processes across the organisation, they will gain significant efficiencies and reduce their overall operational costs. They will also have a robust and scalable solution in place that will endure any future growth.

In addition, Mindavation provided the training, education, and data management roadmap in order to help the organisation to become self-sufficient with the deployment of an Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) solution across the organisation


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