Vashti Watson

In 2006, our start-up company contacted Jimmie to conduct training for a large contract. We sought out Jimmie because of a long-standing relationship where several of us had worked with Jimmie for many years and we wanted the best of the best for our first client. History proved correct and Jimmie joined our delivery team with dedication and professionalism, and undoubtably was the prominent reason we were successful with a flagship client. He did what very few people can do and he took the time to share many lessons learned and improvement suggestions. Jimmie took materials that needed improvement, put his expertise and flare to work and made the courses “sing” and the clients were continuously delighted. Jimmie is the standard by which trainers should aspire, clients dream of, and I have been fortunate to work with him and recommend him without reservations. An organization will be lucky to have such a professional.