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Providing your team with insights, outcomes and capability focused on strategy design.


From the basics of requirements collection for business analysts or the principles of project management, to managing complex projects and providing strategic enterprise analysis, Mindavation has a flexible set of learning solutions for you and your business. We focus on identifying the problem to be solved and customising a learning solution to meet your needs. Delivered in an engaging, interactive manner by professional facilitators that are content experts, we provide the knowledge and pragmatic approaches to move your business forward.

In short, we strive to be flexible in our preparation and customisation of courseware, and we have the capability to adjust “on the fly” from the platform during a workshop.

The result of the above is a customised learning mechanism that is high energy and fun for the attendees; they enjoy the experience but also walk away feeling better equipped to do their jobs when they return to their normal work environment.


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  • Training From the basics of requirements collection for busi...

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